Polystar 20l Manual Solo Microwave Oven Silver | PV-C20LMXS

53,500.00 60,000.00

Colour Silver
Warranty Period 1 Year
Brand Polystar
Power (Watts) Under 1000 Watts


20Litre,microwave oven
Microwave Power output: 700W
Power supply: 230-240V~ 50/Hz
Microwave Power Level (Microwave?
Speedy Defrost / Weight Defrost (meat, poultry, seafood)
Express cooking; Preset.

turntable glass

35 minutes timer

5 power levels

defrost setting

cooking end signal

POLYSTAR Microwave Oven with grill function is a top appliance which should be found in every modern kitchen. It saves you a lot of cooking and allows food to be tastier. It is energy efficient so it will consume less electricity. It has been integrated with the latest technology to ensure high performance. Apart from cooking food, you can use it to reheat leftovers in quick time. It comes with a which makes it possible to set the of cooking to your convenience. Once the elapses, the microwave oven will automatically turn off. This will come in handy when preparing different kinds of food.
POLYSTAR Microwave Oven has a turntable which ensures the food cooks evenly. It has a capacity of 20 litres and wide frame which makes it easy to fit large plates and bowls. With this microwave oven, there will be no need to monitor the cooking process. Simply place the food, set the and go about your normal activities. The good thing about cooking with a microwave oven is that the nutrients in food are properly retained. It is easy to maintain and clean the Polystar Microwave Oven with just a damp cloth, you can wipe the inside once you are done to get rid of spills and the smell of food.

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