Polystar Digital Automatic Rangehood Pv-s90h38

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POLYSTAR is a leading brand in the consumer electronics sub-sector of the Nigeria’s large electronics market.


The brand over time has carved a niche for itself in the highly, dynamic and competitive consumer electronics market through a combination of its superior quality, durability and affordability. The POLYSTAR brand consists of several home electronics and kitchen appliances that are supported by a vibrant team of sales and service centre staff with most of our product ranges provided with a standard 2-years warranty.


Our philosophy is to ensure that our products are innovative, reliable and affordable. We have been active in our drive to make the products more accessible and affordable to consumers.

The parent company Polysonic Nigeria Limited is a name synonymous with quality which is made evident in the POLYSTAR brand and in other areas of interest. Since commencement of operations in 1990, the company has grown to become one of the leading names in the electronics and household business within our Nigeria, with a wide network of branches and dealers across the country.


Polystar 90cm Digital Plasma Hood S90H38Using state-of-the-art plasma technology, Phiima Plasma Rangehoods will clean the air like no other recirculating rangehood on the market. The rangehood removes by-products of cooking – grease / odours / steam / heat with three phases of air purification Phase 1 Particle / Grease filter – grease extraction and dehumidification of cooking vapours by stainless steel mesh filters. Phase 2 Plasma treatment of pre-purified air – odour and scent molecule chains pass through an electrified plasma environment and undergo cold combustion. The molecules are disintegrated and oxidised through a plasma chemical reaction and converted into oxygen, carbon dioxide and water. Phase 3 Three layered charcoal filter – Odour molecules not captured in Phase 2 will be absorbed by the activated charcoal filter.Range hood extractor or exhaust hood is an elegant devise designed to give the kitchen that needed atmosphere away from the ancient, mechanically designed to hang above the stove or cooker top in the kitchen. It removes airborne, grease, smoke, gas smell,odor,heat, fumes, combustion products and steam from the air by evacuating the air and filtration. In commercial kitchen, rang hood are often used in combination with fire suppression so that  fumes from grease fire are properly vented and the fire is put out quickly.

Polystar digital automatic Rangehood

with 1 piece of 450mm 201# SS cover hood
2 pieces 5 layers aluminum filter and carbon filter
Hand sensor switch ,3 speeds touch control
suction power :860m3/hr
24# copper motor
Metal blower and metal cabinet
T shape brown carton with wooden shalf

Big tempered glass width size:900mm

Key features
  • Polystar digital automatic Rangehood
  •  with 1 piece of 450mm 201# SS cover hood
  •  2 pieces 5 layers aluminum filter and carbon filter
  •  Hand sensor switch ,3 speeds touch control
  •  suction power :860m3/hr
  •  24# copper motor
  •  Metal blower and metal cabinet
  •  T shape brown carton with wooden shalf
  • Big tempered glass width size:900mm

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